Snaptube vs Tubemate: How the two giants fare in comparison

Most of the users are aware of SnapTube and TubeMate as the best-optimized movie streaming applications for Android devices. People are still confused with the right choice. Indeed, choosing between SnapTube and TubeMate is not an easy choice.

So what do we do now, How do we choose the best one?

Certainly, before downloading any application on your phone, you should always compare two or more apps of the same genre for a better perspective. This not only allows you to explore new availabilities in the market but also lets you compare and choose the best one.

So, today we are here to compare the two most powerful and useful entertainment applications for Android.


SnapTube is an application that enables you to watch unlimited videos, movies, and tv shows for free. It is coming out to be the best entertainment app in the digital market today. Certainly, due to its efficient features and captive user interface, any customer can use the app as and when they like.

Most of the movie streaming applications have already died out, the reason being, their disability to entertain people. On the other hand, SnapTube being a pioneer application has been able to entice customers with its video quality and lightning-fast speed. Let’s discuss its few basic features for a better understanding:-

  • Videos or movies can be downloaded from various websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and many more.
  • Downloaded videos can be managed during the time of downloading or after the task is finished.
  • After downloading a particular movie you can also change the format. For example, Video to Mp3 format and vice versa.
  • Choose video resolution before downloading
  • Explore new movies and tv shows through its amazing stock.
  • A beautiful User interface to work with.


TubeMate is an undisputed leader in the digital market today. It not only allows you to watch movies and tv shows for free, but it also lets you download them anywhere and anytime you want. As both the apps are quite similar to each other, I will straight away discuss its features with you all…

  • There is a provision for users to choose a resolution for their favorite movie or tv shows.
  • You can download YouTube videos with ease.
  • A good user interfaces and downloading speed.
  • Manage your downloaded videos via TubeMate
  • Connect the application with Chromecast


  • Both the application are available for the Android system
  • You can choose resolutions before downloading a particular video in both the applications.
  • SnapTube and TubeMate, both have the provision to stream movies and videos from various websites, which includes  YouTube as well.


TubeMate and SnapTube both are standing in different courts with equal points, therefore it is going to be difficult to choose one. Indeed,  we can say that both applications are worth downloading. The biggest plus point is that both the apps are available for Windows PC. Now you can take your pick.

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